Size Expert sotfware

Size Expert: an easy and interactive software

The Size Expert  Software benefits

  • Interactive, user-friendly software
  • Advanced tools for data management, statistical analysis, and report generation
  • Standard Operation Protocol implementation
  • Shape analysis
  • ISO 13320-1 and 21 CFR-11 compliant

An intuitive concept

"The Size Expert" software drives all CILAS particle size analyzers with an interactive graphical display. Our intuitive, user-friendly software makes it easy to control system operation and perform calculations. The interactive graphical display shows a symbolic representation of the different particle size analysis functions, including the laser, ultrasound, pumps (wet mode) and vibratory feeder (dry mode). Simply click on one of these symbols to turn that portion of the analyzer on or off. All calculation capabilities are easily accessible in pull-down menus.

Shape analysis

With the release of new Particle Expert software, CILAS provides you with the ability to see the shape of your particles along with your particle size distribution data. Extended calculation models are provided for the shape characterization of your product. Images of your particles can be stored along with particle size distribution data for later retrieval.

Expert report

Our new Expert Report module was designed to boost your productivity. It helps you create the ultimate measurement reports. Fully customized reports can be edited in manual or automatic mode.
Some of the functions available with Expert Report software include the ability to export data to HTML or Excel format, particle shape analysis, full color graphic editing, zoom, and management of multiple databases.

Real time measurement analysis

The Size Expert allows you to display data and calculations in real time while measuring the particle size distribution of your sample. Immediately see the impact of parameter changes on the size distribution and powder concentration. This powerful tool helps you with protocol optimization and validation.

After optimizing your method, the measurement parameters are recorded in a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). The use of a SOP for every measurement guarantees that your results will be absolutely reproducible.

The Size Expert is available in several languages with on-line manuals. It provides different levels of security, with or without password protection.

Database management is integrated in The Size Expert to record results and Standard Operating Procedures.