Shape Analyzer

To measure the shape and size of particles

Cilas shape and size analyzer

For the last forty years, CILAS has maintained its position as the technological leader in the field of laser particle size and shape analysis. Our commitment in Research and Development provides a product with the highest level of performance and innovation.


CCD camera with inversed microscope for particle size and shape analysis, based upon statistical image data analysis for measurement of emulsions, suspensions and dry powders.

Sample preparation :

  • Liquid mode : sedimentation of powders dispersed in carried liquid,
  • Dry mode: deposition of the powder on a slide.

Fields of application

  • Control the particle aggregation state,
  • Measure simultaneously the particle size and shape on the same sample.

Method of measurement

The particles are measured by the acquisition of the statistical numerical images associated with inverted microscope and computed by "Expert Shape" software.

Optical system

  • Light source: halogen Bulb 6V-30W,
  • Detection system: CCD detectors of camera,
  • Inverted microscope with different magnifications,
  • Four objective lenses: EPlan, Achromat, LWD (Long Work Distance): x4, x10, x20, x40 in standard.

Other magnifications are available. Please contact us.

Camera type

  • Number of pixels: 768 x 576 – CCIR
  • Pixel size: 8.6 µm (H) x 8.3 µm (V)
  • Pixel size: 8.6 µm (H) x 8.3 µm (V)
  • Voltage: 12V – DC

Well plate holder

Mechanical adapter for optical sample cell in wet mode and slide for dry powder.
With low position coaxial controls.

Size measurement

Powder dispersion in dry or wet mode:
Size range in standard and depending upon materials properties and dispersion condition optimized with CILAS Particle Size Analyzer:
1 µm → 300 µm.

Other magnifications are available. Please contact us.

Compatible with CILAS Particle Size Analyzer 1190, 1090, 990 and Ecosizer with a wet mode dispersion system configuration.


Approximate resolution of pixel size with corresponding of objective lens:

Magnification X4 X10 X20 X40
Resolution µm/pixel ~3,8 ~1,5 ~0,9 ~0,45

Shape measurement

  • 45 shape parameters to analyse each particle.
  • Main parameters include: euivalent circle diameter, feret maximum and minimum, area, aspect ratio, orientation, fiber parameters, convexity…

Features of the Shape Analyzer


  • Display size and shape distribution,
  • Data export possibility in Excel format, Html, format, and .mes: CILAS format compliant with the data computation in "Size Expert" software used for size distribution analysis comparison with laser diffraction technology.

Concentration range

Dispersion and concentration optimized for measurement without agglomerate particle.

Dispersion mode

  • Dispersion wet module of CILAS PSA with build-in ultrasonic probe and controlled by software,
  • Circulation by peristaltic pump,
  • Mechanical stirrer,
  • Adjustable ultrasounds power, with a variable temporization (50W – 30W – 20W),
  • Polished stainless steel 400 mL tank, with partial filling capability,
  • Masterflex tube in standard (for compliance with aggressive solvent: please contact us)


Microscope calibrated in CILAS factory with NIST traceable micrometer.

Analysis time

Some few seconds to several minutes. It is based on statistical images acquisition and on material properties.

Dimensional characteristics

L=205 mm, W=555 mm, H=500 mm


1 crate: 68 cm x 33 cm x 71 cm
Gross weight: 15.8 kg
Net weight: 10.7 kg