A range of accessories for CILAS Particle Size Analyzers

CILAS offers a variety of accessories to boost your productivity. Our accessories are compatible with all CILAS Particle Size Analyzers.

The Autosampler

CILAS has developed the first Autosampler on the market, using both wet and dry dispersions, able to automatize the sample measurement process. Available for the 990, 1090 and 1190 PSA models, the Autosampler picks up and pours samples automatically in the Particle Size Analyzer, enabling the operator to focus on other tasks. CILAS Autosampler is equally suitable for industrial and lab applications. It also rinses and vibrates the vial to prevent the loss of sticky or adhesive product.


  • Both dry and wet modes,
  • The Autosampler automatically picks up and pours up to 30 samples
  • Suitable for repeatable and high rate cycle processes
  • It is time saving and manipulation risk free
  • User-friendly software fully integrated with the Particle Size Analyzer

Alcohol recirculator

  • Reduce your consumable cost
  • Use the alcohol recirculator when analyzing water-soluble samples requiring alcohol or a different carrier liquid. This accessory will recirculate the alcohol or other carrier liquid, which will lower your analysis and waste removal costs. Less solvent handling will result in a safer work environment.


  • Carrier liquid: Alcohol (95% or 90%) or other liquid which requires special handling
  • Totally automated operation saves time
  • Optimal filtration with two different filters
  • It is time saving and manipulation risk free
  • 2 to 3 stainless steel sedimentation tanks (20 liters per tank)

Small volume unit

  • For materials hard to handle
  • The small volume unit is designed for aggressive solvents (such as acetone or benzene) or for high cost samples (such as active products or precious metals)


  • Integrated mechanical stirrer and peristaltic pump
  • Sample quantities up to 50 mg
  • Independent ultrasonic probe
  • Time saving and manipulation risk free
  • The small volume unit will handle solvents with a volume from 40 to 100 ml